Light, for better or for worse, shapes the way we perceive our world.

Although it is essential to life, its value and existence are not always being recognized.


We are driven by our passion for light to commit to continuous researches for

developing the best quality lighting solutions for our surroundings.

And by working in collaboration of practitioners who possess knowledge and years of experience

in lighting technologies, we stand by our commitment

to improve the quality of light and, eventually the quality of life.

ZD, founded in 2002, is a very new company. Yet, ZD has ambition to improve the quality of light so as to improve the quality of our life. ZD is associated by the tough and strong enterpreneurs and designers who are experienced in lighting industry. Supported by the creative, energetic as well as flexible engineers, technicians and team members, ZD has full ability not only to design attractive and practical lighting fixtures but also to contribute more effective solutions to turn your conceptual idea into product.

We have fun in our work! We take pride in our work!

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